Catch 23

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Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield, United Kingdom


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Notwork 23 presents


Psychedelic Endurance / Discordian Resistance

Sounds - Visions - Games - Magic - Rave

Eris Needs You!

Catch 22 is the ultimate double bind. It's the contradiction inherent in modern life. If it drives you crazy and you want out, then you must be sane. We’re all contorting ourselves to fit in with an irrational, neurotic system.

Catch 23 is when you embrace the contradictions and leap laughing into the void.

No more either/or thinking! No more binaries! Catch 23 is a festival in a club. It's a party and an educational experience. It’s live bands, DJs, poets, speakers and wizards. It's interactive theatre and art and games. It's a ritual and a happening. It's all of us together. It's cutting through the Gordian knot.

Catch 23 is where you need to be

If Catch 22 represents the brutal operation of power then Catch 23 is the ultimate get-out clause from underneath. Catch 23 states that the oppressor cannot triumph despite overwhelming odds, because they are always trying to hold back the tide of history: to stamp down on change, growth and evolution.

Catch 23 says that the wonderists and the amorphous freak franchise will always survive and win out because they are always evolving, always changing and always creating the future. We are Catch 23. We are Chaos. We are Eris's Children. Remember, "The Lady Said It Would Be Okay".

Catch 23 is the Liberation Loophole.

Catch 23 is loving it all and letting it go.

Catch 23 is having nothing to lose.

Three main rooms plus roaming weirdness

Fourteen hours of Fun


Line-up: Greg Wilson- Henge- Daisy Campbell- Kermit & The Super Weird Sound- John Higgs- Forest Sounds Theatre- Horton Jupiter- Cuckoo Clocks- Giblet- 'Tony Blair Walks On Water'- The Private Sector- Bloom Duo- Nmesme- Naked Grace Missionaries- Hearing Things play the music of Rhys Chatham- The Hills Are Alive- Dorothy's Ghost- Cat Vincent- Dave Lee- Dolly Turing- Verity Spott- Chris Bateman- Nikki Wyrd- Man Bites Fridge- The Wonderists- Bobby Campbell Art Show- Matt Smart- Little Pope Peep- The Buddhist Punk- Pope Flagdag The Brave- Punch & Jody Show- Cassandra (fortune teller)- Jonathan Harris- Katy-Anne Bellis- Imagination Wars- Michelle Olley- The Peaceful Ones- Terry Logan & Chris Manley- Emily J Electric- Quip- Fran Green- Sanscrypt- Aaltra- Tom Baker- Claudia Egypt- Helen Nicol- Suzi Price (Gong Bath)- Larry Sidorczuk- The Death Of Roses- Myra Stuart- Cate Kneale- Rebecca Hearne- Jaz Coupland- plus more-   

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Yellow Arch Studios
30-36 Burton Road
S3 8BX
United Kingdom