Wonderists' Windfall

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Upstairs @ Dina Community Art Space and Venue, Sheffield, United Kingdom


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Wonderists’ Windfall is a very Discordian party put on by the fabulous Notwork 23 to raise money for the impending Festival 23: Propagation of Wonder. This is a party designed by dreamers, hopers, jokers, thinkers, wizards and chaos magicians… so you can expect the usual levels of Discordian mysticism, magic and mayhem, mind bending music, shamanistic DJ sets, surprises in dark alleys, etc etc…

Richard Norris (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve)

Pete Woosh
Terry Logan
Northern Discordia

Buddhist Punk

.... And so much Mooaarr!


Notwork members come join us at our daytime Annual General Manifesting Wow Pow. We're cooperatively run, so this is your chance to get involved, come at us with your brilliance, and guide the direction of the festival.

Notwork members also get discounted tickets to our events. 

A year's suggested donation to join is £23

Email notwork23@festival23.org.uk if you want to join the Notwork. 

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Upstairs @ Dina Community Art Space and Venue

S1 4HP
United Kingdom